Aikido is a peaceful, Japanese Martial Art that offers you self-defense, physical fitness, meditation and much, much more.


Shihan Rick Stickles , 7th Degree Blackbelt, with over 40 years of experience, teaches the time honored traditions of Aikido with its emphasis on personal growth and empowerment.


Aikido Schools of NJ is a friendly and supportive place to start your Aikido odyssey.  It is a full-time martial arts dojo open seven days a week. Its class schedule offers over 30 classes a week, instructing hand-to-hand Aikido, sword, staff, and meditation arts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced student (both adults and children).


Confidence and clarity of mind follow you out the door of the dojo and into your day to day life!




News and Events.


Shihan Rick Stickles in the News! Sensei visits Poland to give a Seminar! -- Highlight1 -- Highlight2


September 7th, 2014 (2-4:30pm)
Stickles / Gelb Seminar...Start the school year with a boost of creative power designed to improve your Aikido and enrich your life! Cost: $35.00


September 27th, 2014
...Peaceful Warrior Children Testing


October 4th, 2014 (11:30am-1:00pm)
Open House ...Super Back to the Dojo Party for Family and Friends! Fun, Games, Prizes, Refreshments, and Aikido!


October 25th and 26th, 2014 (9:30am-4:00pm)
Seminar with Kaicho Bruce Bookman of Tenzan Aikido. One of the original students of Yamada Shihan's at the New York Aikikai. Cost: $85 both days, $65 Sat & $55 Sun.






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